Converge On The Move

The photo was taken using Huawei Ascend Y5

In the advent of technology, the need to improve internet connection services in our country is badly needed. The current situation in the ISP services of two major companies is totally inefficient although there are existing lines and options to choose from already, the quality of their services are not sufficient since the Philippines has the slowest internet speed in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is rather expensive in a sense that an unlimited 6-8MBPS speed worth almost ₱2100 and a limited 10 MBPS worth ₱1599 which are our current ISP plans are ineffective already. One was supposed to be a backup connection but there was an instance that these were totally inefficient because of Intermittent Connection to NO CONNECTION at all.

Living in a mountainous region is not a reason to not provide better internet connection services. During times of typhoons and even just habagat or Southwest Monsoon, an Intermittent Connection is persistent.

As part of doing their businesses, they should have alternative resources allocated immediately to supplement the loss of internet connection services. Their servicemen or repair crew will visit as soon as the weather is good already. Our place was visited after one-week disturbing weather conditions that greatly affected our online works. After some troubleshooting done, they finally decided to replace our Globe router, for free.

It was a good thing that the current administration under President Duterte allowed a third (or fourth depending on one’s perspective since SkyCable is also offering internet services) player to enter into the current situation. Albeit this famous TV cable company already have been marketing internet along with TV cable connection, their product is not available in our area until now yet you can see them advertising it. We even inquired about it and we were told that it was not available in our area. It would have been a better option since it already has a TV cable subscription included on it. Alas, it may never happen in our area.

This new player, Converge (, will be the next most anticipated internet connection services provider that will come into play. I have heard about them from my brother who is living in Cavite and informed us that they have already started in Cavite and he even already availed their services.

Going back home after applying for a Barangay Business Clearance which was required for my own start-up business, we were able to capture the moment when Converge is already being installed in our area.

The photo was taken using Huawei Ascend Y5

This is really a historical moment in the advent of internet technology since it will hopefully lessen the monopolistic approach of the two major ISP players in the Philippines.

In my opinion, there are only two major ISP services providers since the GSM networks such as Smart, Sun, and TNT (formerly known as Mobiline, Phone Pal, and Talk ‘N Text) are already part of the PLDT telecommunications company while Globe Telecom already owned BayanTel. Sky Cable is a different case since they are mostly known as a cable services company who acquired several cable TV companies including Destiny Cable Inc., Uni-Cable TV Inc., and Solid Broadband Corporation.

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