The Perils of Having a Tempered Glass as Phone Protector

This is something unusual since most techies would love to point out the advantages of having a tempered glass. This includes the primary reason which is protecting the screen of mobile phones from scratches and even accidental cracks.

In my case, due to desperate measures, I tried cracking the tempered glass on my Samsung J2 Prime mobile phone and yet it did not even cause a crack. I hammered it totally and even slammed it so hard. Cool.

I tried removing it using a small screwdriver by peeling it in the upper left corner and it was so hard. It just cracked into bits of tiny pieces of glass which is very dangerous.

Anyway, my wife was able to remove it when I was resting already. The trick? She used “needle” by minutely removing on the sides. Then used a “toothpick” since a tiny hole made it possible for air to pass through. Finally, she used an Ace “duct tape” colored black to finally pull the tempered glass.

Now, to the perils of having a tempered glass cover for a mobile phone.

  • It cannot be pulled easily when you want to replace it. You need tactics for removing it. As mentioned, you can just use your imagination on how my wife was able to pull this super-duper sticky tempered glass.
  • The bubbles will irritate you visibly and in a tangible manner. If bubble appeared inside, it will really bother you so much the way it did with me. When it became moist, it looks like the middle part of the phone was entirely wet inside the tempered glass. It became so frustrating to type a message and even so difficult to even play the Ingress mobile game.
  • You will never notice that your mobile phone has a tempered glass on it which was what happened in my case since I totally have forgotten that it has one. I thought it was a plain screen already.
  • It will costs you so much to buy a high-end and high-quality tempered glass. It costs 395 pesos when we bought it last 2017 and it was just a screen protector for a simple Samsung J2 Prime which was part of my Sun Postpaid plan.
  • You only have two choices or rather one choice for the color of the tempered glass. One is plain color and the other was a black-colored tempered glass which was a right match for my black phone. There was no color gold at the time we bought it so my wife did not buy one for her own Samsung J2 Prime.

After removing the tempered glass, I was not able to use the phone anymore. Sometimes, I can swipe the screen to unlock or use it but there are plenty of times that unlocking it by swiping was totally unfruitful. The mobile phone became useless for texting and for gaming. As of this posting, I am still trying to maximize it to become useful for cryptocurrency mining such as using Electroneum or Minergate mobile mining apps.

These are the personal dilemma I have experienced using a Samsung J2 Prime covered (previously) with an expensive tempered glass. This post is not meant to discredit the use of tempered glass, cheap or expensive, rather point out something to think about regarding the technology of tempered glass.

At the end of the day, it is still something very useful for the safety of our mobile phones, cell phones, tablets, and other devices that needs screen protection.

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