Demon Hunter Charm of Guns of Glory

Finally, after almost three months of waiting and collecting rare resource materials for this piece of item, I was able to craft a Demon Hunter Charm necklace for my in-game character at Guns of Glory.

This necklace is part of the Demon Hunter Set which is composed of a combination of six equipment and items for boosting attacks, defenses, and health as well as other perks for the lord.

The rare resource materials are the hardest to achieve since a player needs to attack Red Guards carrying a bonus Red Guard key with them in order to have Rare Material Chest Fragment. These rare material chest fragments are usually collected from Bonus Red Guard Chests at a low rate of chances.

In one such scenario, nine bonus red guard chests used will only have seven rare material chest fragments. Though sometimes one gets more materials such as seven bonus red guard chests will have thirteen rare material chest fragments which happened in my farm account.

One can only hope to get more at a ratio of 2:1 since one hundred fragments are needed to combine for one Rare Material Chest which can then be used to create a Rare Material.

Having this Demon Hunter Charm, which is a part of the Demon Hunter Equipment Set, in your equipment list will give certain benefits including the following:

  • Artillery Health +30.00%
  • Cavalry Attack +70.00%
  • Distance Health +20.00%
  • Troop Attack +15.00%
  • Artillery Damage +30.00%
  • Army Damage +25.00%

Plus, another advantage of this necklace equipment is that it has three additional Gemstone Sockets which will further boost the fighting chances of your troops. It has two slots for Hope Gemstones such as a Hope Jewel slot and a Hope Stone slot. It also has a slot for a Justice Gemstone which up until now, 28 August 2018 which is equivalent to almost a year of playing Guns of Glory, I still have not gotten one of this type of Justice Gemstones.

The Sealed Demon Hunter Equipment Design fragments can be bought at the Mining Loot of the Spirit Mines at a cost of 20,730 Lazarus Crystals. After collecting one hundred fragments, it can then be synthesized for a sealed demon hunter equipment design or any other design.

The design will then have to be crafted after waiting or collecting various rewards. These rewards can be synthesized from the Rare Material Chest Fragments collected from Red Guard Attacks as long as you bring Bonus Guard Keys.

Just make sure to check the right reward that is currently lacking for the design which is in my case, the Demon Hunter Equipment design, which needs two Viper Scales and two Meteorites.

Although you can buy the design fragments, do take note that the mining loot has a total of five daily limit allowance which resets every day.


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