Two Online Promotions Availed

Waiting brings good results oftentimes.

Patience is a virtue.

I have just bought another two worthy online investment courtesy of SourceForge Deals promo. I call it an investment since it will add value to my Action-Info Tech business. It will be very useful in updating the WordPress blog of Action-Info Tech and redirect visitors who happen to incorrectly or correctly type the business name of Action-Info Tech during web searches.

First, I purchased the Lifetime Access promo for the Happy Themes website that offers free and premium WordPress themes for making your website amazing and elegant. This was worth $29.99 with an original price of $99.00 slashed off with a 69% discount.

Unfortunately, after trying to upload some themes into my other WordPress blog, Baguio Runner, I need to upgrade to a Business Plan since it the blog is hosted on the website via a Personal Plan. The two WordPress websites, and are entirely different entities.

Lastly, another domain name which was good for a 10-year subscription plan. This was worth $54.99 with an original price of $250.00  and a 78% discount. I bought the domain so that other opportunists will not take advantage of the name of the business.

SourceForge Deals is a website that offers promotions regarding gadgets, software, online education, and other technology-related stuff while the Radix website primarily offers .tech domain good for anyone inclined with technology.

You only need to wait patiently to avail of promos which will save you a lot compared to purchasing items or web services at a regular price.

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