Watch Netflix on Top of Other Windows

Working in a different time zone will really make one jaded and have an inclination to fall asleep.

I am one of those digital nomads who find ways to keep myself wide awake in the middle of the night until the wee hours of dawn.

Watching Netflix TV shows is one of the ways that makes me busy simultaneously with my night shift work.

The first source I have found is a browser extension which is aptly named as the Open PopUp plugin but it does not work on top of other tabs since my work involves working on multiple open tabs in the Chrome browser.

It is still useful though with some other matters such as when you are working on having a design, a guide, or a pattern while working on your main task.

It was a good thing that I found some resources and they have recommended the Always On Top software after searching for a few apps and plugins that will work on watching Netflix on top of other windows.

I finally decided to use this Always On Top software and yes, it is really what it is. Like in the movies, the title of the app speaks for itself, though you can also put or move the preferred window on any directions or corners of your screen it stays on top of other windows you are currently working with.

Plus the real reason I chose this app is that it works on multiple tabs opened in my browser. You only need to run the program and then choose the window that you want to be always on top. In my case, it was the Netflix window on my browser. I just opened a separate browser and resized it. After opening the Always On Top software, I pressed Ctrl+Space and my intended separate window is already immovable.

Just a reminder though, the power of multitasking is not applicable to anyone and everyone or everybody.


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