Ultra Lotto 6/58 Breached 1 Billion Pesos

Did you know that even foreigners can bet on the Philippine lotto system and can even win it if they are lucky enough to guess the right number combinations?

Yes, this was confirmed by PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan and even mentioned that as long as the foreigners are 18 years old, they can bet and win in the Philippine lotto system.

The Ultra Lotto 6/58 already exceeded the 1 billion pesos lottery winnings and expected lengthy queues were seen again on most lotto outlets.

The Philippine Charity  Sweepstakes Office is the primary government agency in the Philippines that caters to recipients of health programs. They are the primary source for raising funds via their sweepstakes and lottery games. Without anyone to bet, they will have no funds to raise.

The biggest jackpot ever attained in the Philippine lottery system was last 20 November 2010 wherein the combination of 11-16-42-47-31-37 for the Grand Lotto 6/55 was correctly guessed by a 60-year old Balikbayan from New York.

IF somebody will win the jackpot for any Philippine lotto games, a 20 percent deduction will be automatically subtracted from the total winnings since this is already a mandate in the new TRAIN LAW.

So why are we talking about the Philippine lottery system in this blog? It is related to technology too since bettors can now easily monitor the results of the lotto within a few seconds that the numbers are drawn. The speed of technology helped improved the lottery system since there are many lotto outlets proliferating nationwide that accommodate people. They are connected online and one will know from what lotto outlet the jackpot winner will be. Security-wise, names of winners and their photos are not broadcasted.





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