Driving Lessons Is A Must

So, what did I learned on my first day of driving lessons last Saturday, 6 October 2018? I learned to value the technology of a vehicle.

Driving a car is a skill. It is one of the most desirable and very useful ability that one must need to learn.

I have invested 5K for a 10-hour driving lesson which is already a good amount of investment since driving is a necessity. Owning a car nowadays is already a need and not a want.

It is necessary to learn such skill which may come in handy during emergencies and also for convenience purposes such as traveling on a long distance or even visiting my mother who leaves far away from us.

It was a good thing also that my teachers were good since they talk about the car itself especially what you can see under the hood.

BLOWFATCH — battery, breaks, belt, lights, license, oil, water, fluid, fuel, air, tire, tools, certificates, clearances, and horn are some of the necessary things they have discussed.

I will not explain each item since I believe you must also learn and enroll at a Driving Academy too so that you can really experience the thrills and spills of driving a car.

Try enrolling on a Manual method of driving instead of an Automatic method because you can easily learn to maneuver an Automatic car when you are already familiar with the basics of driving a car with a manual transmission.

You must experience the feeling of stalling a car so many times which happened in my case and statistically happens on many novice car drivers and professional ones, too. So goes with the saying “SHit HAPPENS”. You can even record yourself if you want to so that you can count how many times you have stalled.

Besides, isn’t it “unmanly” for a guy not to know how to use a “stick shift” car?

It is all about balance and smoothness when using clutch and gear.


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