Forwarding Domains Using My Domain As Example

Since I have a 10-year domain period which I was fortunate to acquire from a promo in Source Forge deals, I had to register a similar sounding name to avoid typosquatting which can be caused by misspelling.

This is how I forwarded my other domain, to the domain on the evening of 30 October 2018 while typhoon “ROSITA” was currently in the area.

First, I selected the List/Search Orders option under the Manage Orders tab module on my control panel.

Second, I chose the domain name that I intended to forward to which is the domain, in my case.

Third, I proceeded to the DNS Management section in my control panel and click the Manage DNS option.

Fourth, I click the CNAME Records button and then click the Add CNAME Record button afterward.

Fifth, I typed the destination name at the blank Value field. Since I am using the domain, I typed this on the second bulleted option. I just left the other two options to the default value.

Sixth, I saved the entry and a pop-up window appeared indicating a successful addition of the CNAME.

Lastly, I tested my second website to check if it is propagated already. I got an error after accessing it. It will probably be good already after a day or two.

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