The Day I Damaged My First Car


Last 4 November 2018, I bought my first car and I named it “Boogie” because of its color. It is a Toyota Corolla XE 1994 big body and it is only a second-hand car which I bought at a price of 53,000 pesos.

Today was my second time to drive it and my first full time to really drive it away from our house. Unfortunately, I damaged its right clearance lights when I accidentally bumped on a riprap and the damage affected the bumper too.

After a few minutes, I accidentally bumped an electrical post and damaged the left clearance lights and scratched the bumpers again.

The damages will be additional costs again since Boogie already needs some major repairs including engine overhaul and radiation cleaning.

Anyway, I was also able to open the hood and the drunk already and I am posting this gladly since the majority of its internal components including door handle. aircon and windows are not functioning properly. Anyway, I was also glad to have it refilled with unleaded gasoline worth 500 pesos which is equivalent to 8.61 liters. Even its gas release handle is already missing and we have to pull some cable to have it opened.

I already accomplished my goal of having a car. Now, I still need to more practice in driving since my next target is getting a driver’s license, hopefully, before the year 2018 ends.

Driving which is like typing is also a skill that needs constant practice to be able to perfect it and have an adequate level of mastery. It is also a very important skill to learn which may come in handy in times of emergencies.



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