My Emergency Visit To An Auto Shop

I had an unplanned visit to an Auto Shop today.

Boogie, my car’s name, stalled twice. At first, I stalled near a jeepney terminal in our area and the drivers there pushed my card downwards not knowing that I still do not know how to push-start or “kadyot” in our local term. I managed to go down but stalled on a curved road so I had to signal vehicles turning left and going down to avoid bumping my car and also avoid untoward incidents.

I had to call my wife’s cousin again for a jump start which we already did yesterday. It started already and I was confident to drive it since I was able to even leave our place and drive near the church in our area. Unfortunately, the battery died and even the hazard lights were not working prompting other drivers to shout at me to turn on my hazard lights not knowing that I had a dead battery.

My wife’s cousin arrived after almost two hours and luckily, I brought my jumper cables and socket wrenches with me. He used his van and had to drive almost an inch in front of my car since the jumper cables were not too long. We had to let it passed through the right windows of the van and managed to jump start Boogie’s battery.

After jump starting my car’s battery, I was able to drive in an area near us and I even managed to circle a few rounds and then decided to go for another test drive on another route. I was halfway already but then my car would not start again. It was one click start system but nothing happened. Fortunately, I was near an Auto Shop and was lucky enough to have them check it.

At first, I opted to buy a new battery as a replacement. They then decided to check it thoroughly and I decided to leave it for checking. They even removed the carburetor and spark plugs but to no avail. It was closing time already for the shop so I went home by just walking. It was another walking exercise for me while I was thinking of the additional expenses that would incur.

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