Sojourner Missed Again

I missed completing the Sojourner Ingress badge again for the second time. I had to post this articles days after I missed hacking so that I have already accepted the reality. If I have posted this a day after I fumbled hacking, it will be a regretful thing.

Last 30 October 2018, I was not able to hack again and this time it was due to the typhoon “Rosita” which were currently happening in our area that day. I missed completing the Onyx Sojourner Badge again. It was either I was actually not in the mood to go out or I totally forgot about hacking portals or it is because there is typhoon “Rosita” currently or it is because I have an “Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis” which is causing my foot pain at the right heel.

Last time, it stopped after 240 days now it was 241 days. Now, I will have to hack again for a complete year. It will be 360 days of continuous hacking since I am targeting the Onyx Sojourner Medal which needs hacking a portal in 360 days of consecutive 24 hour periods.

These are two losses again for my serious gaming, the first one is my farm account at Guns of Glory which I cannot access anymore after resetting my Firefly Aurii Magnum phone and now, this second thing which is unsuccessfully unable to hack again.

For the Guns of Glory game, it was a wasted effort since I did not bind it to a Facebook or Google account so I cannot access it anymore. For the Ingress game, it was a wasted effort since I literally had to go outside and go to the nearby church just to hack for the three portals. For the Pokemon Go game, I did not mind it actually if it is not consecutive playing since I just play it for the sake of playing it.

I am planning to start again on 1 January 2019 so that it will be a full one whole year of commitment playing. Then, I decided to continue and this time, I am already on my 18th day of the current hacking streak.

Badges are a way to show the achievement system in the Ingress game. Badges levels are divided into five tiers, namely Bronze (lowest); Silver; Gold; Platinum; Onyx/Black (highest).

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