I Stopped Playing Ingress Daily

Last 19 June 2019, my Ingress statistics for the Sojourner badge went back to zero. I missed jogging early in the morning and tried to hack in the evening but sadly, it reset to zero.

I started playing last September 2016 and until now due to intermittent Globe and Sun mobile internet connection, I still cannot accomplish 360 days of consecutive hacking. Aside from the fact that the timing or the clock of Ingress is very confusing. It has a vague way of determining the times of hacking for a player.

The current hacking streak was 165 days at 5:53 PM and at 6:18 PM, it was just ZERO again, even though I managed to hack because I waited for the items to appear.

Maybe I will play again on my birthday and hopefully, be able to achieve an Onyx Sojourner medal.

… next year

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