Finally Reached Base Level 20 at Last Shelter: Survival

After months of continuously upgrading and getting attacked by high-level players, I was able to upgrade the base on my game account at Last Shelter: Survival (LSS) mobile game.

Upgrading to base level 20 will take 4 days to complete. I timed it for the Upgrade Building event during the Clash of Zones (COZ) Competition to have more points which mean more rewards including resources, diamonds, and speed-ups.

It took a lot of resources getting stolen by other players during the COZ events wherein I sometimes do forget to put on a shield in order to protect the base.

With no farms, I was able to endure the game. I used up most of the speed-ups and took advantage of the Upgrade Building event.

I did not spend any amount on this mobile game, unlike in the Guns of Glory mobile game wherein it may take months or probably years to even reach a level 30 castle. This may be the reason why most of the players are now in hiatus or have already stopped playing even those I have known had already stopped playing.

At least for the LSS mobile game, I was fortunate to have joined an alliance made of Filipino players. Though, as of today, there were many foreign players who have immigrated to state 273 and joined the alliance.

I hope to reach a base level 25 before the year ends without creating farm accounts (which is the trend in mobile gaming) and without spending (which is very common for those with extra money a.k.a. big spenders).

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