Do You Do Online Surveys Too?

Online surveys help me in a (very small) way since I exchange the points that I earned to my Paypal account. I already earned a few amounts and bought online games too.

I have been answering online surveys whenever I have free time since 2010. There are five online survey sites that I am a member of.

Among these five online survey sites, Surveyon, Rakuten, and Toluna are the ones I already received Paypal payments. Just a few dollars, like 2 dollars as the highest amount I received when I exchanged my reward points.

Since I do not maintain large amounts in my Paypal account, I already have zero balance in Paypal since I used my Paypal account when I purchased Steam online games. Just recently, I have purchased games for my 3-year-old son.

Regrettably, for the last two online survey sites YourSay and Spider Metrix, I have not received any payment yet since I became a member which is why I do not suggest joining them or if you join, you know the risk of waiting.

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