Membership Renewed for GTribe UX Mode

I have been a member of GTribe since 2017. I was motivated to join because of a free game and some perks like being able to join contests that offer awesome giveaways.

Last year, 2018, there was no free game during the renewal of the UX mode but I still renewed my UX membership. This activity is just a part of wanting to share some small blessings during my birth month.

Last month, July 2019, there was a promotion to avail a LUX mode but since I was on a tight budget, I did not avail that promotion which was even extended.

This year, 2019, there were free games again but I need to choose wisely because there is only one game to choose from the options. I had to read reviews and recommendations from some sites to choose but ended up choosing the highest amount and my game style, which is the turn-based strategy games.

There are two modes of membership in GTribe, UX and LUX. The latter is the Lifetime UX membership mode and the former is the annual membership mode.

GTribe is an online community of gamers around the world. Its parent company is Mass Luminosity whose Chairman of the Board of Directors), Geoffrey Osborn, passed away last 14 April 2019. He is one of the foremost supporter, adviser, and friend of Angel Munoz, the founder of GTribe.

Today, I extended my UX membership for another year. I was motivated to extend because of the bonus game and I have chosen Civilization V: Complete Edition and as of this writing, I am still waiting for the game codes to be sent.

It is a huge saving for me because if you notice, the MSRP is $49.33 which is Php 2547.42 (as of 4:33 AM 3 August 2019) while the current sale price at Steam is Php 1,408.12. The UX membership fee is $25 which is Php 1291.0132 (as of 4:45 AM 3 August 2019)

I am excited already to try a game, especially in my retirement days.

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