PLDT DSL Downgrade

Last 5 August 2019, I downgraded it to Home DSL Plan 2199 with a speed of 5 Mpbs.

Even though I was hesitant to renew the PLDT DSL connection since it already ended last month, I still renewed it and downgraded to a Plan 1299 5 Mbps speed from a Plan 2099 6 Mbps speed with Telpad.

The renewal was done thru phone and they had a strict verification process or should I say a “hassle verification” process because the old government agency ID which was still in their records was the one that was used to verify my identity. I immediately searched for all the files that I had related to the government agency wherein I was formerly employed.

What if I have forgotten it already?

During the time I applied for the PLDT Telpad plan was when I was still in a government agency. Still, a government ID like SSS should be sufficient since it is indicated on their website that one Valid ID is needed to process the application faster. Maybe this note was just applicable in the Google WiFi plans.

Then there is no way to ratify that valid ID right then and there when I was renewing the plan. I still need to send an email for the sake of renewing the PLDT DSL plan.

What a weak and inefficient system for a strong company such as PLDT.

I am now beginning to feel the effects of the downgrade. For several days, there was an intermittent internet connection especially during the wee hours in the morning, around 1 AM until 4 AM. There were days with no connection and the only solution is that I had to restart the router. I even paid immediately my remaining balance just to see if the reason was a disconnection or disrupted service due to unsettled balance.

But no, it still happens. The unpaid balance is not the reason. No internet connection at certain times. It is like they are limiting the speed during the hours that they thought nobody is using it.



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