Creating Passwords

How to create a strong password:

Step 1 – think of a word that is meaningful to you or your purpose. For the sake of the example, we’ll choose ”password”
Step 2 – add case sensitivity for some of the letters; for instance – PASSword
Step 4 – add numbers that are meaningful to you between the letters – PASS26word
Step 5 – increase the length and strength of the password with symbols and punctuation. – !PASS26word
Step 6 – Consider putting this word in a phrase or a silly (and hard to predict) maths equation: iLove!PASS26word or !PASS26word +5 = Onehundred
Step 7 – Since cybercriminals typically use a “dictionary attack” to “guess” passwords., add a word in another language: !PASS26wordHOLA
Step 8 — Use a digital identity protection solution that will let you know about leaks of your private information on Open Web or Dark Web and all major Social Media Networks. Thus, you can act immediately and prevent potential damages.


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