Shrinking Technology

BIR Form 1905 is the form that was required of me upon learning that my registered address was still registered in the Revenue District Office (RDO) in Pasig.

I had to pay 39.20 pesos for fax services and I have to wait 3-5 days for this change in registered address to be accomplished.

Having worked from a national government agency did not help. Even though I had worked for a couple of years already in the City of Pines, my record when it was searched by the BIR staff at the counter 8 handles New Business Registrants, I was still obliged to fill up this BIR Form 1905 and have my registered address transferred to the new RDO.

Maybe if I had brought my BIR Form 2316 and shown it as proof that I am already paying my taxes in the new RDO will hasten the process. Still, it would not suffice since I saw it in their system that my registered address was my old home address.

Just imagine the hassle of waiting for a week in order for my registration details to be successfully transferred to the new RDO. After 3-5 days, which was also what the BIR staff told me when she informed to just fax my BIR Form 1905 at the old RDO, it was really a disappointment.

It was a shrinking technology, as my blog title goes since it is already 2018 and still changing or transferring of small details will take 3-5 days or equivalent to 1 WEEK in layman’s term.

It was also a timid technology since their system should, at least, detect important details of their taxpayers including registered addresses.

To top the nuisance of registering a new business was the fact that I had wasted a day’s time since it was also OFFLINE when I went to the BIR Office a day before I was required to apply a change in registration address via the BIR Form 1905.

OFFLINE is now a common alibi for the government offices to keep of taxpayers from doing official transactions with them.

Another word that you would often hear, based on my experience here in the City of Pines, is BROWNOUT which I encountered during the registration of Business Permits from the city hall.

Shrinking technology.

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