Japanese Internet Cafe Refugees

Have you heard about the Internet Cafe Refugees in Japan? Would you believe that in this age of technology, there is a proliferation of internet cafe refugees in a First World country like Japan?

Internet cafe refugees started in the early 1990s based on the shared documentary film I have learned from this Japanese blog post.

The only difference from these refugees with other war refugees is that these refugees can live at the convenience of having a computer and internet accessibility whereas those war refugees from places such as Syria cannot have access to any internet technology.

War refugees have to run away from bullets and they need to do it in order to survive and live.

Where do they get their money from paying their rentals? They have contractual jobs but they cannot afford to live in an apartment since it costs much.

They literally live inside a cubicle since most internet cafes in Japan are designed with cubicles so an internet user can do everything. As said by one of the refugees in this short documentary movie, it is very fortunate that internet cafes are well-equipped.

These internet cafe refugees are also called cyber-homeless based on this Wikipedia article.

Why is this post in a technology-related blog? Living in an internet cafe is technological in nature since the refugee has access to the internet technology. Being a refugee or homeless, they are still lucky to have access to a computer and fortunate enough to play games, watch an online news, and even monitor or browse anything on the internet.

Other refugees in other countries are unlucky since they have to endure the effects of war especially the children. These war refugees can even die in the line of fire because of unstable political alienation, cultural feud, and religious indifference.

Japan is no different from the other countries after all. As quoted in the documentary, “Power harassment originated in a fraternity mentality.”  and they also have a belief that it is “better to bend than to break” which can be a deciding factor for their internet cafe refugees. They have average wage-earners or what they call “salaryman” who are incapable of settling in a common apartment.

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