Using Technology Before Plus During My 39th Birthday


August, my birth month.

Yet, I feel tired and exhausted. I lacked sleep. I had to stay up early so that I can have my business registered for today, 30 August 2018 but I fell asleep and woke up around 2:10 in the afternoon.

We hurriedly prepared ourselves and went to BIR for my business registration and LTO for our student permit.

Thankfully, we were able to finish these two tasks which are also part of my goals before I reached the age of thirty-nine.

My business will really be memorable since it was registered on my 39th birthday although I still had to attend a seminar for new business registrants. I do not know if this is the system nationwide but in our place, it is the way BIR registration is done.

For the LTO, we were able to get student permit including taking a medical clearance which is a necessary requirement aside from the PSA-authenticated birth certificates and PSA-authenticated marriage certificate required from my wife.

I have also listed other important events that I was able to do during my birth month for the year 2018. As I move forward accepting my new age, I hope to accomplish more including writing and publishing a book.

  1. Applied for a Student Permit (with my wife)
  2. Registered at BIR (accompanied by my wife)
  3. Tested the Beta version of SSS website (done online)
  4. Purchased (done online)
  5. Purchased 5M 16ft 3.5mm Female to Male F/M Headphone Stereo Audio Extension Cable Cord Black – intl
  6. Purchased Go Natural Chicken Recipe Daily Defence 25lb
  7. Purchased 10ft 3.5mm 1/8\” Stereo Audio Aux Headphone Cable Extension Cord Male to Female – intl
  8. Donated at UNICEF (done online)
  9. Donated at World Vision (done online)
  10. Purchased books at Anvil (done online)
  11. Purchased books at Adarna House (done online)
  12. Frontline for Ikkyo and Recca (manually given)
  13. Created PUBG MOBILE game account (done online)
  14. Purchased two Metallic Cover Clearbook, blue and brown, wrong items since some papers won’t fit in the plastic leaf
  15. Purchased 9W Led SceneSwitch bulb (manually done)
  16. Purchased ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 (manually done)
  17. Haircut (manually done)
  18. Purchased additional Akari rechargeable NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride AAA (11mAh) and AA (1300 mAh) batteries (for old phone)
  19. Paid LandBank Mobile LoanSaver in full (manually done)
  20. Redeemed and exchange Toluna survey points to Paypal (20,400 Points for Paypal PHP250)
  21. Withdraw Bitcoin Core (done online)
  22. Withdraw Bitcoin Cash (done online)
  23. Withdraw Dash (done online)
  24. Withdraw Litecoin (done online)
  25. Withdraw Dogecoin (done online)
  26. Performed maintenance mode on the Epson L120 pigment printer
  27. Purchase domain from radix dot tech using promo from deals sourceforge dot net
  28. Refilled Fire Extinguisher 10 lbs. as part of the requirement in claiming a Fire Clearance needed for Business Permit
  29. Purchased ASIC 5 mouse
  30. Enrolled at GCash with hassles encountered during the KYC process

Looking through the list, there are some things I was not able to do because of my online work schedule. The list was supposed to be 39 things but I was not able to achieve.

Also, I was hoping to upload images for each item but since I am having a headache as of writing this post, I disregarded doing it. Anyway, I will just post details about each item in the coming days since there is a need to explain why such items are posted on a technology-related blog.


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