Effects of Typhoon Ompong

This was written in a style of a diary due to the perilous effect of the recent typhoon Ompong that hit our country last 15 September 2018. All photos are mine and some of the photos are intentionally posted that way.

I went out to buy dog foods but unfortunately, SM Baguio was closed. I saw an electrical post that almost collapsed when I was going to the mall. This is due to the severe winds caused by typhoon Ompong.
One thing that struck my curiosity when I went to SM Baguio was the prohibited taking of pictures inside the food court area. I told the guard that this is part of the documentation during a calamity. Yet, he insisted that it is not allowed to take pictures. Was it the prerogative of the guard or the management just wanted to hide their vulnerability during periods of calamity?
I tried going to the jeepney terminal and I saw most shops were closed along Session Road. A few 7-11 stores were open, though, with generators humming around.
Sadly, I arrived at the terminal with no jeepneys in sight.
In the morning,  the effect of the winds is so destructive that even the cover of our washing machine was thrown away when I checked the current situation.
I checked the effects of the typhoon and it was really a disaster. It seems like we were in the primitive era wherein there was no electricity.
It was total darkness as of this time, 23:42.
I can only hear a few dogs barking whose probably looking for company.
Plus an FM radio station that is not totally clear since I can still hear the static buzzing of unclear broadcast. It is fortunate to hear this sound of music since AM stations are totally blanked in our area.
During the day, I did manage to work for almost 4 hours sadly since I needed 6 hours to complete the weekly allowed 40 hours. We had to go and take a snack at Infinitea and had to take our dinner at Max’s which are both located in SM Baguio.
It was a loss of a few hours for my earnings this week.
The signal in our home was really miserable and all possible hope to have an internet connection was really frustrating.  What’s funny is that whenever there is no electricity in our area, there is also no internet available especially PLDT internet.
Now, this is the first time that both our ISP providers, PLDT and Globe have no internet connection. It was really a sad event.
This is what happens when technology is devastated by a typhoon.
Still, I believe there should be a Fail-Safe technology that whenever a calamity strike, the only mode of technology which is the Internet Technology will still be useful.
Although we have our own Bosco generator which was a great help for charging our mobile phones, it will still be satisfying to see green led lights on our PLDT and Globe routers.
Upon checking on 17 September 2018, I thought there was no post for 15 September 2018, but I totally forgot that I already drafted a scheduled post for 15 September 2018. This post was supposed to be posted on 17 September 2018.
Until today, 5:26 PM, there is still no electricity in our area.
Thankfully, one of the internet providers in our area has already restored their services. Globe was successful in repairing and restoring the internet services since the internet is the only way we can monitor what is happening in our area. This is also our way to communicate with our relatives.
We are also using for the second day our Bosco generator until now. I have filled it full tank already and if it will be used up for the rest of today, I will have to buy 4 liters of unleaded gasoline tomorrow.
We have also cooked most of the fishes in our freezer since it will spoil due to the brownout that we have until now.
It is also good to note that the NDRRMC is constantly sending messages via mobile phones to update residents regarding the status of the typhoon Ompong.
Although the typhoon Ompong stayed for one day only, it ravaged several houses including prompting several landslides plus slumping down numerous electrical posts.
At 22:58, lights went on already. Electricity is back. Two internet services are good. Now, back to my night-shift work.

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