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Here’s my take on how to use The Holy Rosary mobile app developed by Marcello Pietrelli.

I only pray.

I am not a Pure-Blooded Devout Catholic or a Sacred Religious Catholic or Sagrado Katoliko and even Saradong Katoliko in the language of my country but even technology has reached the realms of religious aspects by providing developers with the wisdom to create mobile apps for spiritual upliftment.

I just pray.

Such technological advancements make it easy for devotees to pray with spiritual music in the background or even just read prayers while contemplating and reflecting at the end of the day.

Even those who are not Catholics are also inclined to download their own mobile apps based on their religious beliefs. Downloading these religious mobile apps should not be a hindrance anymore since most people nowadays are connected via the internet. Almost everyone has access to the internet and using such apps are very useful.

One can even donate to the developer’s progress of propagating their skills and a user can also tolerate the level of ads that would appear each time this religious mobile app is used.

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