Suspending Multiple Tabs in Google Chrome


I encountered issues in using Chrome whenever I have multiple tabs opened during my internet browsing. I needed to open up multiple tabs since it is needed in my online work. I also maintained multiple tabs opened for easy reference instead of searching and looking at bookmarked pages.

To resolve this issue of hogging memory issues which constantly annoyed me to the point of frustration, I have looked for ways to temporarily suspend the multiple tabs while I am working. It means the opened tabs are still there which I can easily click and then upon clicking it, an option to refresh or wake the content will be available. This saves time instead of looking at a list of bookmarked pages.

There are many Google Chrome extensions available for this problem. I listed down several extensions that came up while I was doing some research.

  • The first extension I found is the Workona which I have read has limits on its free version. It has a size of 593KiB and its latest update was on 11 September 2018. It currently has been downloaded by 15,924 users as of 3 October 2018 and it is offered by
  • The second extension is The Great Suspender which is a lightweight extension with a size of 218KiB that reduces Chrome’s memory footprint. It was last updated on 25 August 2018. It is offered by suspensionlabs. It has been downloaded by 1,481,152 users as of 3 October 2018.
  • The third extension that sparked my curiosity is the Tab Suspender extension which offers in-app purchases worth PHP219.00 per item making it an uninteresting extension already. It has a size of 1.05MiB and its latest update was made last 17 August 2018. It has been downloaded by 36,689 users as of 3 October 2018. It is developed by

Among the three choices that I have listed albeit there are much more similar extensions, I have opted to install The Great Suspender mainly because of its lightweight size. I have still to find other related extensions but for now, I will be using this one.

The default settings after installation will have several checked options on their thank you page including the following:

I will just have to customize this after several testing hours to know which options or settings will work best for my system. I just hope it will resolve several “Not Responding” issues when I am working with multiple open tabs.

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