My First BIR 2551Q for 2018

This was my first payment for the Quarterly Percentage Tax as required by the law. I was not able to pay at Landbank yesterday but after the Hepatitis vaccination of my son, I tried going to the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) General Luna branch and I was glad to hear from the security guard when I asked him if it was alright to pay BIR tax at BPI. Hearing the YES words meant I was lucky since not all banks accept BIR payments after lunch hours.

Talking about the relationship of technology in this aspect, although there are at least twenty-two banks included in the List of Authorized Banks (as of 24 October 2018) that receives BIR payments, not all of these banks accept payments for the duration of the whole banking hours. They usually have a cut-off time during which they admit BIR payments from taxpayers. Some even do not accept BIR payments during the deadline or the due date of payments. The usual OFFLINE SYSTEM can be a famous alibi for some of these banks. I had experienced this already when I was paying for the taxes of our other business.

Still, technology is good since all I had to do was used the BPI Express Assist (BEA) Online at BPI to get a number before paying my tax. It was a good thing that they had a separate machine for BIR taxpayers.

In other banks, such as the Landbank, there is a machine that they require to use instead of paying at the bank teller. When they transferred to another location at Marcos Highway, I did not notice this machine anymore.

With regards to other modes of technology, there is the GCash mode of payment. Although GCash technology can be used in paying BIR taxes, I still opted to use the traditional way of paying through banks so that I can have a hard copy of the BIR form that I have paid. Paying through GCash meant using the screenshot method after paying so that you can have a reference in case you need it in the future.

Since the implementation of the new TRAIN law, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) had released an advisory that all taxpayers who are subject to monthly percentage tax will be required to use BIR Form Number 2551Q.

BIR Form Number 2551M is not in use anymore based on the BIR Tax Advisory

Every 25th day after the taxable quarter is the deadline for paying the Quarterly Percentage Taxes.


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