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A currency converter is very important in my online source of income since I have the need to check how much will be the conversion of my earnings in our local currency.

These were the top three currency converter extensions that I have decided to compare before I installed a final one for the Google Chrome browser. They are the Top 3 based on the Google search result lists last 26 October 2018 using the keywords “currency converter extension”

The first on the list is the Chrome Currency Converter which was developed by George Papadakis. Its current version as of 27 October 2018 is Version 6.5.0 and it was last updated on 28 April 2018. It has a small size of 324KiB and will automatically convert in-page prices to your selected currency. It supports over 160 currencies and you can have the option to set a percentage tax or a percentage fee to the current conversion rate.

The second on this list is the Currency Converter which is available in twenty languages. It is offered by with a current version of Version 3.0.7 as of 27 October 2018 and was last updated on 9 September 2018. Its size is only 77.62KiB and BTC currency or Bitcoin was also added on its Version 3.0.1 which was a good move. This is the reason why I choose this converter as an extension on my Google Chrome browser.

The third on the search results list is the Direct Currency Converter which is offered by Per Johansson of Johanssons Informationsteknik JOINT, Åland Islands, Finland. It is available in 2 languages and its current version as of 27 October 2018 is Version It has been updated last 26 February 2018. It is has a size of 184KiB and it was originally released for Firefox browser.

There are other currency converters out there in the market which you can buy. There are also several currency converters which are free to install as an extension for your Google Chrome browser. You only need to choose wisely and uninstall it if it does not satisfy your expectations. These three currency converter extensions are just some of the options that you can choose.



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