Three Months After I Cancelled Malwarebytes Subscription

It has been three months already since I removed last 31 July 2018 my two-year Malwarebytes Subscription which was already malfunctioning.

I restarted my laptop and clicked on its icon so many times and it did not appear. I was going to change some settings on it and it did not appear. Its window settings just did not appear.

Although, when I checked the background process in Task Manager of Windows 10, it appeared so many times. It was consuming so many resources and I tried to end most of them by doing a right-click and choosing End Task but it was tedious.

It consumed so much time and it was really a hassle because I only want to check its settings, manually update it and modify some excluded URLs and software but since it was not functioning properly and already wasting so much time, I have decided to uninstall it.

I also decided to cancel my 2-year subscription which was already going to end that ended on 31 August 2018. It was also a hassle looking for the way to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription.

It was a good thing I was able to find a source via Google and also managed to save the email I received when I renewed its license last 30 August 2017.

So, there it is! Goodbye Malwarebytes Premium!

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