My Car Would Not Start

I replaced the bulbs on the right tail light of my car today.

I noticed that it was not functioning when I tried turning the hazard lights on Friday, 9 November 2018. The right turn signal light was not working too and even the right brake lights. No wonder, when I was driving a few days ago, drivers would pass me by wondering.

I bought three bulbs with double contacts and all were 12 volts. When I checked it again today, only one has a double contact connection. The other two would not fit on a single contact socket plus one bulb needs to be 24 volts.

I returned the two bulbs at Ace but only one replaced since there was no 24-volt bulb available at the store. I was forced to buy a windshield shade and added twenty pesos for the changed item receipt.

I then tried my luck proceeding at a local store in a famous area where there are many shops. I was lucky to find one and bought a bulb with 24 volts and also a single contact connection plus it was cheaper than those sold at Ace.

After replacing the bulbs, I tried testing it but I cannot see any lights. I then tried to start the car’s engine and it was not starting. I searched for answers and found out that leaving the doors open would easily drain the battery especially when there is a sensor on your car.



Fortunately, my car has a sensor where I can easily know if I still have open doors. I do have open doors and I even have a front door with no key lock so I had to buy a car lock set.

Unfortunately, I had to wait for almost ten days before I received the car lock set. Anyway, I tried again to lock the doors and found out that the right rear door was the one causing for the “open doors” signal to appear.

I was able to lock it after a couple of tries and decided to try again to start the car engine and hopefully, it will start. Else, I will have to buy a battery replacement.

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