How to search unread emails in Gmail?

There is a way to search for specific emails in Gmail which is very useful whenever you already overwhelmed by the enormous amount of unread emails which are sometimes necessary to delete already.

It is 2019 already and I was religiously deleting most of the email I have received from last year which I have not read and I have no interest in reading already.

The way that I did it is by typing “in: category:updates is:unread” on the Gmail Search box just above the Webmail view. I was able to delete thousands of unread emails which are mostly newsletters, updates from forums, updates from social media, and from other senders with subjects that are not useful to me anymore.

Try this trick, just remove the Quotation marks, quotes, quote marks, quotemarks, speech marks, inverted commas or talking marks on this base search function: “is:unread” and you will be able to find all those unread emails.

If you have a specific category such as updates or primary, you can just use “in: category:updates is:unread” and replace the specific category as necessary.

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