New features of W3 Total Cache in WordPress


The new version of W3 Total Cache is version and below are the new features included on this latest update.

  • Fixed fatal error during media file upload with CDN module active
  • Fixed removal of empty values, JSON encoded string in attribute, trailing quote at end of tag, and the handling of anchors in HTML minify
  • Fixed undefined index warning
  • Fixed fatal error when purging CDN using full site delivery
  • Fixed undefined variable notice
  • Fixed “No such file or directory” warning
  • Fixed writing to PHP error log rather than WordPress debug log
  • Fixed default referrer policy should be “no-referrer-when-downgrade”
  • Fixed php_flag error related to browser cache, using ini_set instead
  • Fixed CloudFlare IPv6 check undefined offset
  • Fixed Undefined constant WP_ROOT
  • Fixed frame-ancestors being overwritten by frame-src
  • Fixed missing semicolon in nginx configuration
  • Fixed HTTP/2 URLs handling for browser cache and CDN modules
  • Fixed display of CDN debug information
  • Fixed CSS Minification with Google Fonts when included via “Include external files/libraries” and non-latin character-sets are loaded
  • Fixed media query string not updating when all caches were purged
  • Fixed double slash with ABSPATH if file exists
  • Fixed setting max-age and expires header simultaneously
  • Fixed SASL detection for PECL Memcached
  • Fixed handling of manually entered objects to be purged on CDN
  • Fixed query string handling in Nginx
  • Improved error handling with Cloudfront
  • Improved page cache logging
  • Improved multi-tenant support for memory-based caching engines
  • Improved CSS minification
  • Improved purge behavior for changed media objects when using CDN
  • Improved compatibility with sitemap plugins
  • Added support for Memcached for Nginx
  • Added support for caching webm files
  • Added Brotli HTTP compression support
  • Added StackPath full site delivery support
  • Added _wc_session_ to the list of ignored query stems for improved WooCommerce compatibility

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