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I am getting annoyed by the slowness most of the time I opened the Chrome app on my Android phone. It loads all the tabs which remained open. I left those tabs open so that I can easily access and read them as I need them. I can go back immediately without guessing about the topic or theme since most of those tabs are really important.

I am in need of a Bookmark Manager in Android wherein I can search for a keyword and then it automatically produced the suggested bookmarked website. I also need a way to just scroll down from a list of saved bookmarks instead of constantly sliding down the tabs in the Chrome browser.

After reading some reviews on other websites, I installed several apps including Bookmark manager (ZcaDev), My Bookmarks – Free (ululu), Bookmark Folder (Tossy), and even Eversync – Bookmarks and Dials (Nimbus Web Inc). I uninstalled them afterward since one of them is too complicated just one look of it, another needs to get registered immediately, the other one needs a rooted phone, and the other one is not very appealing. I do not need to pinpoint which one of them corresponds to each insight but I already uninstalled them.

I also downloaded Keeplink (Knoosa Lab) and Raindrop ( apps. I did not like the latter because it does not have an option to use it without the need to register first. It automatically requires registering so there is no chance to test it. For the former, it lacks some icons for its categories especially when one needs to create a new category. Like for a car or automobile or vehicle category although it is very organized and there is also an option to register afterward if you are satisfied with its capability.

The last app I downloaded and tried using is the Linkaive (Rohit Surwase) which has good customer support because the developer immediately replied as soon as I emailed the error that occurred when I accessed an HTTP site (not HTTPS) via its internal browser. I just used an external browser as a solution for this error.

For saving all the bookmarks and open tabs in the Chrome Android Browser, I just manually saved them and closed them one by one. A very tedious solution since I cannot find any Android app for saving all open tabs simultaneously with just a click of a button.

I am still looking for a good, if not the best, bookmark manager where I can save all my bookmarks in Chrome on my Android ASUS phone as well as save all open tabs with just a click of a button.

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