I Reset and Cleared My Chrome Android App For Being Slow

Last 14 July 2019, I was able to finish saving all open tabs I had on my Chrome Android app. There were many tabs I left opened because I used it for references but I had to do it because the browser was functioning so slow. It had to load all of the tabs before I was able to open a new tab again.

Just recently, I was looking for a way to save all of the opened tabs with an Android app but I found none. Only bookmarking apps which I tested and then finally opted for the Linkaive app.

There was no way to save all the open tabs with just one click and since I already tested the Linkaive bookmark app tool, I was now sure that I need to reset the Chrome Android back to zero. I made sure that I exported all the links that I saved in Linkaive to a text file so I can just import it afterward.

I restarted the phone after I cleared the Chrome Android cache and also cleared the data that when I opened the browser again, it was clean and it loads fast. I had to sign in again and sync it with the Google Chrome browser data on my laptop.

This is my final solution to having a fast-loading mobile browser with no more hassle of waiting for the browser to finish loading all the open tabs.

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