I Finally Received My Own Family Computer

After 39 years and before reaching my 40th birthday next month, I was able to have my own Family Computer.

Yes, an old-school type of Family Computer which I bought so that my 3-year-old son can experience playing vintage computer games. Plus, it feels like brand new, like I was transported in my younger years before.

I bought it at Lazada at a price of Php 604.66 and it finally arrived last Friday, 19 July 2019. It is made in China and its box which was torn on the right upper corner indicated an FC COMPACT Built-in Games Alien Computer Entertainment Classic Game Console FC 30th Anniversary Edition markings on it.

The package which included two other items, a Portable Dual USB Auto Bluetooth Car Kit (Php 384.07) and an LCD Digital Voltmeter OHM Multimeter (Php 297.00), comes complete with an RCA cable (yellow, red, white), yellow game cartridge, game console, two pieces of game controls, and a manual. Its manual is in the Chinese language with the last few pages in the English language.

When I tried it and played with my son, who enjoyed playing with it, I tried the included yellow cartridge which contains 100-in-1 games. Then, yesterday Saturday, 20 July 2019, while I was working I got curious if it has real built-in games.

I immediately removed the yellow cartridge and turned it on again. The company who made this imitation of Nintendo game console have provided it with real 500-in-1 built-in games.

I bought this Family Computer game console because the game controls of the Hug DVD player I purchased also in Lazada sometimes malfunctions. Maybe it was in the connection or the included 300-in-1 game CD is also a bad copy.

Also, it is a classic product similar to a Sony Walkman which is a classic product too or even a Pentium 133 PC. Using this Family Computer console makes me reminisce my childhood days. I was only able to play a Nintendo Family Computer console three times if my memory serves me right. I do remember going out and spending money several times just to play Galaga on a video machine which was during my elementary years.

Those were the days.

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