Convert PNG to JPG Without Installing Software

I also needed to convert a PNG file to a JPG file since the latter has a lower size capacity. Since the image resizer was not working and I do not find it efficient to install a software just to convert a file, I opted for an online source.

Although I also have Photoshop yet I do not find it convenient to use since it also hogs some resources in my slow working laptop.

There are two online sites that I have found useful for converting PNG and JPG.

Ezgif dot com – maximum uploaded file size is 35MB

Online-Convert dot com – maximum uploaded file size is 100 MB

These two online sites are the easiest and quickest online tools I have used for converting PNG to JPG files for now without the need for downloading and installing software. Soon, I will still look for better alternatives which allow larger files to upload, larger than 100 MB file size.

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