Another Online Image Resizer


Pic Resize is another online alternative if the image resizer is not working.

This online software, Pic Resize, is a tool I have found when I was hurriedly searching for another image editor which I can use quickly with no installation involved.

Since the image resizer was not functioning and it during the resizing of one image, their throbber was just circling continuously. Since I am pressured in time to finish my online tasks, it was fortunate that I have found an alternative.

A which is also known as a “spinning wheel” is the animated graphical control element that shows that a computer program or in this case, an online software, is shown to be performing an action in the background such as downloading content, conducting intensive calculations or even communicating with an external device.

You can still have many options when using the Pic Resize online tool. Just explore it at your own risk.


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