Updating Reading Habits via Goodreads

Goodreads is a website that caters mostly to readers of all ages and interests.

Just recently, I logged in and was able to approved friendship requests from my niece and another one from a former colleague in Manila.

Upon logging in, there was an article that particularly took hold of my attention. I immediately read it and it is all about helping charities to give books to kids. It was a valuable article to read since it is all about the value of reading books and sharing this value for children around the world. It pointed something about buying books and then your chosen charity will be able to receive it. It is worthwhile joining Goodreads years ago because of these people who write things to encourage people to read, buy books, and eventually help children.

Since the article pertains mostly with children in the US, it also mentions that you can also buy books and share with charitable institutions outside America.

I also remembered joining Giveaways but regretfully saw that it is currently for residents in the USA and Canada. I remembered joining in every Giveaway programs but sadly, never won any free book copy of any book.

In this era of social media, I still am capable of reading and improving my reading habits by just reading anything. This improves my social awareness aside from improving vocabulary skills as well as writing skills.

Writing is my main source of income now which started in the last quarter of 2018. I am forever grateful for my two clients now for hiring my services. Not only was I able to fully utilized my writing habits but also improved them and my AB English degree was really applicable because I am writing primarily in the English language. Albeit, in American English and Australian English.

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