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As I was using the Froala HTML online editor, I found it too time-consuming in cleaning the spaces on the HTML codes.

I found another alternative for an HTML online editor.

The HTML-Online Dot Com Slash Editor has a feature that makes it efficient. It has a Clean button that cleans or fixes the unnecessary spaces on the HTML code. All you have to do is select it in the settings although when I first used it, it already does its job. The spaces which are equivalent to ASCII   codes are already cleaned in its default Clean settings.

Although, the quotation mark which I used after a number to indicate that it is in inches was not transformed into an ASCII code equivalent to " but I think this will not be a major issue.

The proper way to indicate that it the number is in inches is to use the ASCII code of Prime or this code: ″ which may be the reason why it is not transformed since I used the quotation marks instead of the prime marks.

In any case, this is still another online alternative for easily converting your notes into an HTML code.

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